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Spider Control in Hyderabad

The first step in controlling the spider population in the house is to locate infestation sites within the structure. Once the locations are determined, homeowners can choose to vacuum those areas to remove cobwebs and sacks from eggs. Outdoors, cobwebs can be destroyed by the use of a water hose. To control an infestation rigorously, it is also necessary to ensure the extermination of all the present pests, which are the food source of these spiders. As long as there is food available, the spider infestation will persist. Homeowners should remove lights from their home that attract insects. Sodium vapor lights are recommended for outdoor use. Otherwise, the lights should be located away from the structure. Window and door screens can prevent the entry of other insect pests and the use of foam tape or weather stripping is also advisable. Slits and other gaps within the walls and bases of houses should be sealed with putty. Sticky traps and glue boards can also provide effectiveness in individual adult spider capture. Although pesticides are commercially available, improper application of insecticides can cause harm to people and pets. Most chemical treatments should be performed by a professional trained in pest control.

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