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Rats Control in Hyderabad

Rats are aggressive animals that usually live in the human environment. The presence of a pair of these animals can trigger a  large pest of rodents ,  due to their reproductive ease . The procreation begins at three months of age, they usually give birth to between 8 and 12 offspring, five times a year. Sometimes  only the recruitment of rat and mouse control services can slow the multiplication of specimens.

They feed on waste and are able to devour up to 10% of their weight daily. So the rodent devastations are very remarkable among the human population, when breaking into the houses in search of food.

In addition,  pests of rats and mice are carriers of diseases such  as salmonellosis, rabies, hepatitis, cholera, among others; Being able to infect other living beings through direct contact or feces.

The problems associated with  rat and mouse pests  are multiple as they carry disease vectors as well as causing  significant economic damage  , as they are often responsible for structural damage (cabling), food and image damage. That is why it is so important to apply measures to eliminate mice at the moment is aware of their presence.


How to identify the presence of rats and mice

  1. When they gnaw and move, they often cause annoying noises.
  2. The presence of excrement (up to 14mm long) in nesting and passage sites.
  3. Damage from biting or contamination of urine and excrement in paper, plastic, cables, food, etc.
  4. Existence of burrows in hidden places of difficult access.
  5. Characteristic odor when nesting occurs.

Major damage to rat and mouse pests

  1. Carriers of vectors that can cause diseases (salmonellosis, rabies, hepatitis, cholera, among others).
  2. Structural impairments.
  3. Food contamination.

How to Prevent Rat and Mice Pests

The best method of control for rats and mice is prevention, for this we must implement comprehensive measures of control that go through:

  1. Knowledge of good hygiene practices.
  2. Store food in a refrigerator or in difficult to reach places.
  3. Structurally the entrance ways to the installations should be avoided.
  4. Rotation of goods.

How to get rid of rat and mouse pests

Rodenticides and trapping systems are effective in killing mice. However, in order to eliminate the problems with rat and mouse pests, a selection of suitable formulations according to the zone and installation to be controlled must be carried out in order to successfully complete the control operations of these pests. Biocide treatments should be complemented by mechanical and trapping systems to minimize the use of biocides. However, the surveillance program is always more effective in minimizing the risks associated with the presence of rat and mouse pests.

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