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Mosquito Control in Hyderabad

  • Many mosquito species are more active in the afternoon, so keep that in mind when planning a social event.
  • If you have neighbors near you, and if possible, discuss your plan to control mosquitoes with them as it can be beneficial for both of you if you are aware and also implement effective mosquito control techniques.
  • It is best to wear light colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing.
  • You can get better results by adopting a mosquito control program that implements more than one of the steps identified above.
  • Picaridin is a very effective alternative to DEET that has no odor, color and is also recommended by the World Health Organization.
  • Natural repellents based on Limon Eucalyptus oil are also as effective as DEET, especially those with the Citradiol component. 
  • Check with the public authorities, and keep an eye on the current news, to see if there are outbreaks of diseases caused by mosquitoes, such as the dengue virus, in your area.
  • Many mosquito traps use flammable gas like propane which is something to keep in mind when you have children and pets around you.
  • Pesticides often contain chemicals that are harmful to humans / animals if they are inhaled or ingested so that may not be appropriate.

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