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Flies Control in Hyderabad

Flies can be the source of salmonellosis, shigellosis and Campylobacter infection due to a certain predilection for decomposing organic substances, sewage, garbage and feces, but also for food. They act as a vehicle transmitter (mechanical vector) of contamination between both and transport millions of microorganisms. The kitchen is one of the habitats where flies can act, so it is necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent their proliferation. The preventive actions go through a strict cleaning and the fulfillment of a series of guidelines:
  • Fly pest control Avoid accumulating litter and always keep your container closed so that the flies do not come in contact with it.
  • Do not store unprocessed food in the air such as fruit, sweets, sausage or cured ham, as well as cooked dishes.
  • Cooking with the windows closed, especially if the home is near a focus of these insects, as a center for livestock production. In these cases, it is advisable to install mosquito nets on windows.
  • Take special precautions if the home is prepared for an extended absence.
  • Do not leave dishes with leftover foods in the kitchen and store clean utensils (crockery, cutlery or glassware) in enclosed places, such as cupboards and drawers, to which insects do not have access.
In the case of hotels and restaurants, the law establishes the development of programs based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The aim of passive measures is to prevent any insects, including flies, from accessing them by properly designing the facilities and ensuring that they do not find sources of food or drink. All facilities should be kept in an optimal state of cleaning and disinfection and implement more specific actions than those used in domestic kitchens:
  • Protect all windows in the food circulation zones with removable mesh grids. The size of the net should prevent insects from entering.
  • Keep litter bins covered, disinfect them frequently, as well as the area where they are located, which should be isolated from the rest.
  • Prevent accumulation of residues and form areas of moisture.
  • The use of approved sanitary disinfectants is an effective system to avoid their presence in kitchens, warehouses or handling rooms.
  • In addition to the periodic disinfection established by law, the company or responsible person must be notified of any signs of insects or other pests.
Flies prefer warm temperatures and are more active in the late days of spring or early fall. To effectively repel flies during this time, limit access to your home as much as possible: keep doors and windows closed, put protective screens or mosquito nets on windows and doors, and grilles in ventilation ducts. Keep litter bins clean and properly closed. Keep surfaces clean to make your house less welcoming to flies. Plants such as peppermint and basil are also moderately effective in repelling the fly population.

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