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Cockroach Control in Hyderabad

Although cockroaches usually move in colonies, it is not uncommon to find that one of these insects has been lost or is on a search mission to find new sources of food, so when applying a method of Insecurity more or less aggressive is important to take this into account. 

There are several methods to check if a house is infested or not of these insects. 

A) Places that colonize usually show cockroach droppings . These are similar to ground coffee beans and, depending on the amount found, we could estimate the number of insects.

B) Another method is based on the smell. Cockroach pheromones emit a characteristic musky odor, the intensity of which is greater the higher the number that populates the colony. In addition, the presence of this odor is an indicator that they are reproducing, since it is released for this purpose.

C) The presence of bodies of dead cockroaches can also indicate the presence of an infestation and the size of the infestation, depending on the number that we find. We can also find structures of cylindrical aspect denominated notes, that are the wrappings that contain the eggs of cockroach and that the females deposit in those places where the suitable conditions are given so that they develop.

D) The most traditional method of detecting the presence of a cockroach plague is something as simple as finding them manually. When they are nocturnal, when entering a dark room and turn on the light quickly the insects will run looking for shelter. If you see cockroaches every day and in bright places, you have to suspect the presence of a severe infestation.

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