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Ant Control in Hyderabad

  • Home Remedies: Many home remedies have been used to control wild ants. Covering the anthill with two to three gallons of almost boiling water will eliminate colonies of ants about 60 percent of the time, but it will also kill plants that come into contact with water. This method requires a lot of manpower and hot water should be handled with care. Some home remedies, such as applying broken corn, molasses, or aspartame to ant mounds, do not work. Adding gasoline or diesel fuel to mounds may result in contamination of soil and groundwater, and is not recommended.
  • Organic Products: There are few products that are certified organic. These include ingredients such as d-limonene, an oil extracted from citrus, or spinosad, a chemical compound produced by a soil microbe.
  • Chemical Control: The use of insecticides for the control of wild ants is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Approved products should be used following the instructions on the label. Read the label carefully! An approved product is one that has instructions for the control of wild ants on the label. Be sure the product is appropriate for the area where you intend to use it, particularly if you wish to perform the treatment in a vegetable garden or other food production site. Products for use in utility and indoor utility boxes may not be available in retail businesses as some of these are only sold to professional fumigation operators.
More active ingredients are sold under more than one brand or trade name. This article describes the generic names of the active ingredients in insecticides that you should see on product labels. Some examples of trade names are also presented. Products for control of wild ants are formulated as powders, granules, liquids or baits. These products are applied either to individual ant hills or by dispersing the product on the total surface of the invaded area. Different active ingredients affect ants differently.

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